Thursday, 8 September 2011

Saved Twitters

Days after the revolution of the 17th of February started and before the Qaddafi regime halted all internet networks here in Libya... I have managed while my search for any news on Twitter i managed to collect some truly touching and sarcastic comments from all over the world addressing what was going on in Libya.. For this file being hidden and almost forgotten on my laptop in case of any expected raids on homes and personal belongings.. anyway alhamdulelah nothing happened to me :) so i'll leave you to read along....

If the people of Tunisia and Egypt proved a revolution can be done peacefully,the people of Libya proved you can combat violence peacefully.

 Mubarak was bad for the country, but Gaddafi is bad for HUMANITY

Gaddafi blames bin laden for Libya’s protests - because you know, bin laden is a great supporter of democracy.

 Watching pro Gaddafi march on Libyan state TV wondering what would happen if they used a wide angle lens.

 Big day for protests today in Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain -- and of course, Libya. History on steroids!

 We will defeat him today Tripoli we are stronger than Gaddafi in numbers and in determination.

Libya will be free.

 In Egypt it started in one square and culminated in the nation; in Libya, it began in the nation and will end in one square.

40 years as dictator, and he never even promoted himself to general. that Gaddafi is selfless.

Message from someone in libya: "Tell the world we died for our country tell them we died with honor. Goodbye.

 Libyan State TV threatens to re-run Gaddafi's entire address if the revolutionaries don't surrender.

To Gaddafi: when you're locked up waiting to be executed can we still tweet? I'll have updates on how well Libya is doing without you!

Tough times never last, but tough people do. ~ Dr. Robert Schuller

Ghaddafi  is the Lady Gaga of presidents.

 "Keep praying for us. We are strong and we will win either way. If we die we die as martyrs, and if we live we see victory.

'Gaddafi says Libya will become "a red flame, a burning coal". He'll be used to it when he comes to Hell then.

 I asked opposition how long will this take? Ansr: 'We want to beat egypt'.

Turn off the light while talking with your lover because the oil is very expensive.

 Installing Freedom in progress ... ███████████████████████████░ ...99.9% complete.

"Be the change that you want to see in the world today"~Gandhi~

 Know Libya that the WORLD is WITH U ALL.

 Fuck oil prices, freedom is priceless

Libya is united...enough about this tribal nonsense.

If Gaddafi quickly changes the name of Libya to "Israel" he can ensure a US veto of any UN sanctions no matter what atrocities he commits.

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