Thursday, 20 October 2011

My 28th Birthday Resolution

When I think about turning 28 I think i have to make a list of 28 things I “should” be doing since I’m officially vintage….

1- I need to start talking slower.
2- I need to start moving slower.
3- Control my temper when surprised with a ***** situation.
4- Laying off the sugar.
5- Interacting with my dear friends (like old times).
6- Driving more like a girl and less like a boy ( I swear am not gonna do this).
7- Learning to cook 3osban/Geddeed/Bazeen.
8- Buy a camera and finally practicing my hobby.
9- Start checking for wrinkles…. (not funny).
10- Being a bit more organized (we'll see about that).
11- Getting married (inshallah).
12- Reading more books.
13- Be more patient.
14- Stay in shape.
15- Go back to drawing.
16- Stick to this list.
17- Try multi tasking for a change.
18- Wear high heels more often.
19- Use less facebook (not likely being done).
20- Baking and baking never stopping.
21- Stop telling my real age.
22- Have a more active lifestyle (ha ha)
23- Try... I said “try” to decrease the ice cream craze….( It’s not a promise people!)
24- Stabilize.
25- Did I mention (getting married)?
26- Learn how to talk to older women (thadreez elkbar ya3ny).
27- Less shoes (na!! kidding).
28- Try to not ignore 80% of this list.


  1. First I would like to congratulate u on ur coming 28th birthday and say Many Happy Returns and to pray God to open all doors of succes now and always in the new Libya .
    Now let me talk about ur list . There's some that u can ignor while othrs u cannot. My advise to u is dat keep on looking after ur shap and try to think like a man .
    Take care

  2. Thank you for the sweet...
    will take your advice seriously :)


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