Thursday, 2 December 2010


It’s a common human thing!
One minute you’re minding your own business the next moment you saw an object, smelt a scent, or tasted a flavor and you get all nostalgic and dreamy.
I have several things that might make me nostalgic about the past, for instance; objects and flavors from my childhood really do take me to my happy place.
Like this red Christmas ornament is one if not the most effective object among them, I know that we are not supposed to celebrate Christmas but when I was a little girl in Scotland I used to go to an English school therefore I was a part of the Christmas extravaganza and I loved decorating the tree and classrooms… of course now I’m over all that because it’s been like 20 years now.. But this particular ornament especially the red has a place in my heart for an unknown reason. Whenever I see it I feel like I’m again that 7 year old girl in my classroom waiting for Santa to bring her a gift at the school party… and it takes me further than that… it takes me to our Glasgow home, our old street, and my old friends.. It represents an almost forgotten era of my life... My childhood.
It’s funny how little things can make you remember stuff you thought was almost wiped out by recent and more important things that happened during those 20 years.
Maybe because it’s almost Christmas time and I was forced to see this object online on more than a website or a link… but still it was a sweet journey to the past.
Do you have anything similar to my story? Share it with us

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