Thursday, 17 November 2011

Happy Baking

Today i am proud to announce the birth of my new baking blog "Happy Baking".
 i have started with it before the war in Libya but then you know what happened.
Thankfully to Allah today i am able to continue to post my baking which is humble but its me after all.
Enjoy it please and feel free to comment or criticize ....
Yours Truly

ps: the link to the baking blog has been changed to:


  1. i'm gonna add it to my side bar in my Libyan foodies section. Looks scrumptious!

  2. Bakerie are my "sins"! The good flavours are most sensitive for me! Sure I will reading your posts! And colect some ideas for my wife, why not?
    Jorge madureira

  3. Khadija & Jorge
    thank you very much.. i hope i am up to your expectations :P

  4. BTW Jorge, did u get my translation that i emailed you?

  5. Impressive!

    I tried commenting on your Apple & Caramel cake post but i kept giving me an error. Anyway, here is my comment

    "This cake will be my next mission inshallah! Keep posting easy recipes :D "

  6. Lebeeya THANK YOU lool you made me smile
    good luck on your mission and trust me baking is fun once you get used to it.

  7. salams.
    Do you make traditional dishes like hummus and couscous ? i`m not arab so i dont really know how to make it your style , so it would be great if you have tips .
    peace and love !


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