Thursday, 21 May 2015


Oh boy...

It's been a little over a year since I last posted anything! and I didn't even post anything particular.
Being a mommy of two boys (Salem & Yousef) took over my life in a good tiring way.

It changed me to the point that i don't have time to look in the mirror, and if I do I regret it right away hehe.

 I am extremely happy with this change in my life and seeing my boys grow up is immensely satisfying, being a mommy is a bless and a gift.

Taking care of a husband and kids in addition to work and house chores took a toll on my peace of mind, some say i need to be patient those first few years and everything will fall into place eventually.

I look around and see mommies are taking control over their lives and i wonder whats wrong with me? sometimes i go far to thinking that i might have ADHD because i have nothing done in time and i tend to be chaotic all the time not to mention the temper! sigh
How did our mothers do it? I have no freakin idea!!

They say life was never easy like it is today yet i have no time nor energy to do what they did in their days.

I bet that we are prone to this day's fast lifestyle where we find ourselves running all day and not finishing anything yet we feel like we contributed in building the pyramids!

If you are a mommy and you are holding your life in your hand please don't hesitate to tell me how you do it.


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