Saturday, 20 November 2010

Guess who's back? back again! Ema's back! tell a friend

And I’m back!!

Actually I totally forgot about the blog world to be honest, but what my friend Lu did was reminding me of the good old days of blogging in a status update on Facebook.. Facebook! There I said it okay!!.. that’s the reason I’ve totally been ignoring the blog world.. you see.. facebook has the ability to take your brain off anything and it can pull you in a hole of social strings that can twirl around you and make you like a big ball tumbling down the hills of time …. okay is that too much??

Well at least that is what happened to me . .checking every 5 minutes whether it was from my computer or my phone.. even when the alarm wakes me up in the morning I reach to push the stop button but I don’t let go of the phone until I have checked all the notifications and what status update on facebook while I was asleep, not to mention the games that you get hung on like the Restaurant City and the famous Farmville, I know I know! kinda addictive.. well it is!

But here I am again back to the slow glory of the blogging world … I have a lot of catching up to do with my old fellow bloggers… hmmmmm I bet they all gave up on me, but I know they will remember me ….. right?

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