Saturday, 27 November 2010

A Confused Nation

Don't you just hate it when you don't know what to do or where to go or even worse to not know whether your allowed or not to do so!
That is the nation's dilemma these day here in Tripoli,, and all is due to the Afro - European Summit which holds place here...

To go to work or not, to go to school or just stay home and enjoy the warmth of your own bed ( not to mention that winter gave us its cold  warm shoulder this year, its 29 degrees in DECEMBER!!!) back to our subject how could a nation be so baffled regarding a 3 day holiday ordered by the higher authorities in the country and still not confirmed.. rumors run real fast in Libya maybe due to the fact that we are a little over 5 million when it comes to population, anyhow confusion is running streaks at this moment.. and my only question is.. why not confirm it or just deny it? Is someone really enjoying this mess? as to be saying the truth it is a bit funny .


  1. "why not confirm it or just deny it? Is someone really enjoying this mess?"

    Either they are so dum and unorgnized to result a mess, or they are so clever and want to do the mess for some reason.

  2. the mess was meant to be ! it's a clever move so u won't understand a thing and everything stays under control !

  3. yup i do agree with lu..and that's what exactly happened imo..cuz understanding=no mess=loosing ctrl!!

  4. salam Ema,

    Actually these rumours are started by people who love to make things up because they enjoy lying! Nothing was said officially, and when you ask them if it's true they'll have no objection to swearing: Wallahi la hagg, tawwa kunt inkallam fi flan u gal sma3ha fir-radiu.!!

  5. amazing to see u back..


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