Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Expecting the Unexpected

Have you ever experienced the feeling that your horizon is blank, no plans whatsoever looping ahead of you?
Its a weird feeling but at the same time its kinda relieving to not look forward to things for a while.. you can call it a break from expecting anything at all.
At first i was like "ok thats weird" but then the sense of living the moment and not knowing what might happen in the next hour.. it actually felt good.
My friend told me that this is the first symptoms that my life will have a stable routine in it, work, home, sleep, eat (which i'm doing a lot lately *.*), sleep work, etc. you got the pattern now...
It feels good because you get a surprise from time to time with things you didn't wait or long forgot about.. and that is cool :P
I had a friend who lives and works in Milan and who happened to be coming for a visit here in Libya, i knew she was coming but somehow it was wiped out of my system i guess, and here she comes and i really missed her and was glad to see her, so we got together with the rest of the girls and had a nice breakfast and did all the catching up...

Out of the subject...this morning i went to open a bank account, it was my first.. (I know what your thinking, i'm too old to have a FIRST bank account) lol, but this is my first time to work with the public sector, so i had to open an account and act all grown up.

Anyhow back to our main subject, i noticed that being (plan-less) as i call it feels way much better than having expectation that might or might not be fulfilled... in other words i'm sparing myself the disappointments and bracing for upcoming surprises...

Try it and you will know what i'm talking about ( that came out like an ad lol)


  1. hello how is my favorite libyan architect doing ?

  2. Hey, Thank you for asking i'm doing very well alhamdulelah :)
    How is everything with you?


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