Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Love for Animals

It breaks my heart to see an animal hurt, wounded or even worse… dead!

It just breaks my heart, the fact that I can't help them or let's say all of them, when I was a little girl I always said to myself that if one day I become a rich woman I will open a place and .take all those poor little animals and keep them safe there

I hate to see a Cat, Sheep,Tiger, dog…etc. hungry in pain or in agony, the worst part is that they don't whine about it like we humans do, they just give you that sad eye look and silence.

Thats the difference between humans and animals.. the latter have patience that we humans lack, they endure the pain until its gone or they're gone.

If I see a dog on the road limping I can't help my tears, a cat lying dead on the side road I just cry, or even Camels being taken to be slaughtered I just die and live and die again watching it being taken away.

I myself have a cat and I treat her like my baby, they have feelings of pain and pleasure it's just we don't understand what they say, and in my case I recognize the different meows my cat utters and I know her mood/needs according to them.

Why am I whining about it here? I have no idea! but maybe if you read this you won't look at a hurt/abandoned  animal with the same eyes again.

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