Sunday, 20 November 2011

A Happy Ending

I think by the great news of the capture of the international criminal Abdullah Senussi in south Libya exactly in Sebha as the reports say, i think by this we can finally close a bloody chapter in the history of modern Libya.

Abdulla Bloody Senussi

If you are not familiar with this criminal i suggest that you read this & this ...

Allahu AKBARRR Libya is clean and free thanks to Allah Almighty


  1. mashallah . wow its so good to hear that libya is changing for the better .
    and you are so right the bloody chapter is ending . now libyans can live in democracy Al7amdulilla7. tripoli looks so beautiful now than it did when gaddafi was ruling it . mabrook to you and all libyans .inshallah syria and yemen will soon be free alongside palestine.
    peace and love

  2. Thank you Aisha.
    it is a wonderful feeling of happiness and joy.
    May Allah spread peace and happiness from Libya to Syria, Yemen and Palestine one day inshallah :)

  3. I hate this guy! He is so ugly inside and out! سيماهم في وجوههم

    Alf Mabrook to Libya and all the Libyans! Things just keep getting better alhamdulilah.

  4. Lebeeya i AGREE that he is hard on the eye, they practically call him Gorilla here, he is indeed ugly inside out, and as mama always says " whoever is evil inside, their ugliness will surface one day"
    Alhamdulelah Libya is on the right track mashallah :)


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