Friday, 9 December 2011

Weapon Free Zone in Tripoli

In the past two days Tripoli has witnessed major demonstrations in Martyrs Square demanding a weapon free zone in the city. since the liberation of Tripoli many militias and armed fighters were everywhere; some for safety reasons and some just for the sake of milking the glorification of the victory of 17th Febuarary revolution. in other words its about time for them to go home to their cities and come back weapon-less and replace them with the national Libyan army. Tripoli is the capital to all Libyans but with no weapons.
I will leave you with some photos that just say it all...

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  1. Ema: Step by step, your national revolution go ahead! Its important, that such measures taken action! Now is time for free democratic behaviour...Thanks for your pictures! And smiles again! Its nice see u! Jorge


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