Thursday, 16 February 2012

A Year After....

A year ago i would never have felt so proud as i feel today, Ghaddafi has sucked out of us all or any patriotic feeling we might have for our country. We always felt that Libya is Ghaddafi so we never felt that overwhelming feeling that we have today, today we pray and kneel down to kiss the Libyan soil as if it is pure gold.
Today we are proud as we have never been or ever will be, Libya is free and will be free forever.
We will never forget the price that has been paid, we will never forget our martyrs who put their lives in exchange of our freedom. we on't forget our wounded and our missing ones.
I can go on and on talking about our blessed revolution but the best things can never be said... in the heart they stay.
Alhamudlelah first and mostly and big thanks to all who supported us and prayed for my country.

Proud to be Libyan ♥
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  1. Ema what I can tell you is that your joy is mine, because I feel that the Libyan people's lives changed for the better! More dreams, more freedom! To walk towards a better life, are my votes!
    Friendly, Jorge madureira

    1. Thank you Mr.Jorge you always have sweet words to say.


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