Sunday, 3 June 2012

Dear Egypt.... WTH!!

I guess all the world or at least the free world was shocked when yesterday the Egyptian Legal System granted Egypt's former president Hosni Mubarak a sentence to life of imprisonment and the two of his son's an acquittal  which led to an explosion of anger in the Egyptian streets  in most cities condemning the sentences that are not fair in any meanings.

Now all the voices who were criticizing the execution of Muaamar Ghaddafi by the hands of the Libyan Freedom Fighters should be shut up for good and for once. If we left this matter in the hands of the judical system or the Human Rights then we would have been witnessing the same disgrace.

One Egyptian citizen said : " At this moment we salute the revolution of the Libyans, it was truly a brave and real one".

A note to the world: THANK GOD we killed Ghaddafi instead of waiting for a fair trial.... simply because there is no such thing as fair trial for those "tyrants", do they really need witnesses or evident?!

and we DID it

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  1. Emma Good morning! Agreeing with you about the punishment that tyrants should be no longer accept that they have to be executed by the power of the street! Courts exist to ensure the basic conditions of judgment, based on human rights that govern civilized societies and countries! Even for the tyrants have to make a difference! Because otherwise, we like them! Now you might ask, is where the others are criminals who apparently escaped the Egyptian regime to justice! Now, that should be explored! Mubarak paid for the simple reason that the face of the regime! The other criminals who execute the orders should also be held accountable! And here lies the real problem! And moreover, the election results leave us perplexed! Why return to the top personalities connoted with the previous oppressive regime! Remember my words: "Forgive but not forget."
    Friendly, Jorge madureira


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