Thursday, 15 May 2014


Hi there, 

I can't believe i haven't posted anything since my honeymoon!!! am i that lazy? na i'm just overwhelmed and extremely busy with the new life thingy.
I am proud to announce to you all that i have a baby boy which is 10 months old and which i love so much it hurts, I named him Salem after his late grandfather, i know the name might not fit with his tiny head but someday it will.... hopefully.
Back to work and driving in Tripoli's crazy traffic each and everyday leaves no time for anything even a nap... i have very unattractive purple circles under my eyes which i wear proudly lol.
Anyhoo...  i just wanted to notify you that i am still alive and kicking and that i will try and find more time to start blogging again. 
soon inshallah 

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  1. Hi Ema! I´m happy for your new life! And the great news about your life im Family! I hope follow you for many time! Friendly,
    Jorge madureira


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