Monday, 27 December 2010

Life is all i can say

Life isn’t perfect, even those who seem to have it all; they really don’t. The exterior never reveals what’s inside neither does the present always refer to the past.
Life was never perfect, looking closely into people’s lives you can see the ups and downs, the good and the bad, tears whether it was sorrow or joy; it’s always there. Some people are good at hiding it creating the illusion of perfection, pretending not to have burdens nor wounds or even scars…
In my opinion... children are the only human beings who are incapable to lie about their pain or how they feel and that is because they haven't yet developed that shield we grown ups create to shed or hide who we really are or how we really feel.
Your life whether it’s long or short has a share of everything; the good and the bad, it’s like the human body we are healthy but there will be always something that will go wrong, you can never be healthy all along or sick all along its mixture of ups and downs,,,
It’s called Life and when searching for the origin of the word I found this paragraph ''When this word was adopted into the English language as “lif” about 1500 years ago, it stayed true to its original meaning but closely resembled its Germanic predecessors meaning of “Body” ''.

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