Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Fight to Lead on Wet Blood

We Libyans have a major problem which is that we think we all are leaders, decision makers, rulers by nature.
We tend to fight to lead and declare that we have the right to be the Alfa Male of whatever thing is going on, and i'm talking here for both genders of course.

We want our opinion to be heard and taken and no one elses', and if not taken we take it as a major offence also we like to IGNORE others' opinions and underestimate it.
We need to change this mentality.... Sorry i mean we HAVE TO,

 I know it's hard after being suppressed for more than 40 yrs!!
I know we can and we will eventually, its just that the road to get there might be paved with obstacles such as uncertainty of other's maturity regarding politics.
We fight for leading while our fighters are still until this moment fighting for our freedom, we should have more respect for them than to act like this, and yes i know we have to move on so we don't give any chance for any fifth column to try and sabotage all our martyrs' blood but still there should be a more civilized route to take than throwing accusations around.

 Martyrs' blood will never go waste.

A Libyan FF covered with a military blanket after dying in the field

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