Monday, 10 October 2011

Today We Are Honorable Libyans

Because we know how it feels.
Because we know how it tastes.
Because we know what it means.
Because we have been there.
Because we needed it then.
Because it helped us then.
Because we never forget.
Because we are Proud Libyans.
Because we are Free Libyans.
Because of all this...... we are with Syria's people to the end.

Today the NTC has decided to recognize the Syrian National Council, and close the Syrian Embassy in Tripoli.
No one else has done it yet, we were the first because of all the reasons above.
Because now there is no tyrant to sabotage our peoples' will to stand tall and be honorable and act honorable in a time when all the world kept silent and continued to watch the massacre of an unarmed population everyday, being slaughtered in no mercy.

Yes, today we are LIBYANS!


  1. if you are stinged once ..... you know the bee quite well ............may allah save Syria and Raby yahmy Thwarna ....


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