Sunday, 1 January 2012

Tripoli ♥

My hometown Tripoli taken by me using my late camera RIP

still hunting for a new one


  1. Hi Ema: In the first day of 2012, I visit u for send my best whichs for a great time for u and your family, and of course your Country LYBIA!
    This picture of your camera catched the best moment of the day that I like it usually: the end of day, notice us a nice night...
    So I invite u again a ear a new song performed by me! Try it please:
    Have a nice time Ema! Bye!
    Jorge madureira

  2. Thank you Mr Jorge and i wish you a happy new 2012

    as for your song i heard it the last time and i expressed how amazed i was that your voice was very good i think you didnt see my comment... very impressive
    you should do it more often ::P

  3. Emma, sure I was read your first comment!
    Now its only a little and simple gift of my own for u! Share good things with nice friends!
    We keep going on! Bye!


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