Monday, 9 January 2012

The Weapon of Knowledge

Down town Tripoli, in Algeria Square..... Libyans demonstrating
Knowledge is our weapon not guns!


  1. Ema: Like I said, I believe that the Lybian people, knows what to do for the future! And your news confirm It! Build a great future, for all that having dreams, and getting out the true maner and way of living, in peace and freedon!
    Have a nice time Ema:
    Jorge madureira

  2. Can this prove that the pen (in this case the pencil) is really mightier than the sword (in this case 14.5 AA gun)?
    Keep up the good work in the blog and all the best to Libya. Let's hope that the future reserves a better Libya, Inshalla!!

  3. Love love love this photo! This is the way to go... i absolutely love how creative Libyans are. Makes me proud!

  4. Thank you all for your wishes i hope the new Libya is better and better each day :)

  5. love it lol .. i was there that day and i was gonna explode laughing

  6. Nice pic Ema. My name is Ema too and I'm an italian woman who lived in Tripoli, waiting for come back...
    Come in my blog, I have assigned you a small prize :)


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