Saturday, 4 February 2012

Same Stupid Bloody Scenario

I don't know where to start from, the Assad Regimen in Syria is brutally killing innocent people just for the guilt of asking for freedom. 200 casualties in one night!
As time escalates the regimen is getting more and more anxious to prove to the world they are still in control but the ugly truth is.... it's too late.
The beginning of the end has just started, and I am talking from experience since it happened only months ago that Libya has been through the EXACT same phases....
  • Denial (everything is perfect and we are in control!)
  • Anger (killing brutally to shut up all voices)
  • Bargaining (proposing solutions and promising to be more open to change .)
  • Depression (I don't care anymore you all should DIE)
  • Acceptance ( which in Arab regimens NEVER HAPPENS PERIOD)
Assad and his clan have proved that they have passed the borders of stupidity by overlooking the Libyan regimen's fatal end (which we all know was much stronger and  deeply rooted in the world) and denying that they sooner or later will face the same inevitable end .

A piece of advice to Bashar AL Assad......  YOU HAVE TO RUN RUN RUN BUT YOU AIN'T GONNA RUN FROM GOD.

 yes keep smiling you know he is waiting for you in hell


  1. Dear Ema, I am a German journalist doing a feature on bloggers in the Arab world. I am in Tunis right now, but will hopefully come to Tripolis this week. I would be very happy to interview you. If you are interested you can email me on hannahwettig at Thanks!

    Btw. I would love to post that Ghaddafi - Assad-pic on my facebook account: How can I get it?

  2. Hi Ema: Your words are a clear balance with the brutal actions in Assad regime!What does it cost to see is appalling silence that countries like the USSR and China, trying to hide with the strength of its veto at the last UN resolution. As if the world had not eyes to see what is going on with thousands of crimes with Syrian citizens, whose sin is manifest his thirst for Freedom and Democracy!
    I think it's a matter of time, but the human costs will be terrible. Assad no longer afford to be the leader of Syria! His place is now in prison! Let's see what the future holds!
    P.S.Delicious and timely, the photo caption that shows in your text!I think that you must talk with the german journaliste, that as invite you! And after show usthe result! OK?
    Friendly, Jorge madureira


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